Lake City Pet Hospital in CdA is now the ONLY clinic that has Animal Allies of Idaho funds to assist cat and dog caregivers who cannot afford the full cost to spay or neuter their pets. 
November 17, 2018 was the LAST DAY to spay/neuter using an AAID Donation to lower the cost at the other 11 animal clinics who have been partners.
If you cannot afford the full cost to spay/neuter your pet[s], call Lake City Pet Hospital [208-664-5629] and just ask them for an Animal Allies Donation to help lower the cost. They are allowed to apply AAID Spay/Neuter Donations to client charges without our written approval.
You are responsible for the rest of the charges beyond our Donation. The clinic will send us a copy of your charges showing the credited amount of our Donation.
CATS: male $40, female $60
DOGS: Up to 50# male $60, female $80. 50-75# male $75, female $100. 75+# male $90, female $115.

Animal Allies of Idaho is dissolving this December.

AAID has helped pet parents 'fix' more than 3,000 cats and dogs since Feb 2014, preventing thousands of unwanted pets each year for many years to come.
You can help prevent unwanted pets and the horrors they experience and keep current cats and dogs healthier by sharing our message about the benefits of sterilization.
AAID is a 501c3 Public Charity Nonprofit with the simple mission ~ "Sustaining a Healthy Pet Population."
We are very grateful for the people, organizations and businesses that have supported our mission with their donations and grants.